Lake Kolsay

Добавлена: 12 january 2019

Tour Lake Kolsay - is a trip to the system of lakes , the lowest of which is located at 1818 meters above sea level, the length of which more than 1 km . This is the easiest and fastest way to the lake Issyk-Kul, which located in Kyrgyzstan. System of Kolsay lakes is located  300 km. to the east from Almaty at the Kungei Alatau.

The complex consists of several levels. Second Kolsay Lake most beautiful, their sizes reach two and a half miles. They are located 5 km away. from the first Kolsai Lake . Deserves special attention Upper Lake Kolsay, which 4 km further and 600 meters above the rest. It virtually surrounded on all sides of the rock.


After a long journey you arrive at the lake Kolsay and placed in the guest houses to choose from. Further, the plan will have dinner at your choice (you can discuss the menu in advance, all the questions about nutrition and picnics with our staff) Next day will be free until dinner. At this time, you can take a walk around the lake, or go for a swim on boats which are rented for 3000 KZT per hour. We also organize horseback riding to the second lake and hiking trips to Sary Bulak. Price of horseback riding to the second lake is 15000KZT per person.


1 day
8:00 Departure from Almaty
11:30 Arriving to Charyn Canyon, doenhill inside Canyon
15:00Departure to Kaindy Lake
17:00 Arriving to Kaindy Lake
Free time
20:00 arriving to Saty village
Accommodation in guest houses or hotel for choose
2 day
9:00 Lunch
10:30 Arriving to Kolsay 1
Hiking arround lake or boating for choose
13:00 Lunch
20:00 Arriving to Almaty city

Price for a group tour of 18 000 KZT per person (tour of the program)

The tour includes: accommodation, meals, transportation, excursions, ecological charges.

Price for private tour 100 000 KZT per car with guide (6 seats) (Kolsay 1+Kaindy) 2 days
Charyn+Kolsay 1+Kaindy 110 000 KZT per car with guide (6 seats) 2 days
Chaynr+ Kaindy+Kolsay1+Kolsay 2 (3 days) 150 000 KZT per car with guide (6 seats) 3days
Accommodation+3 time meal  15 000 per person (guest house toilet outside + sauna washing Saty village)
Accommodation+3 time meal  20 000 per person (hotel or yourt camp fassilities in the house Saty village)

The tour includes: transportation, excursions, ecological charges.

Accommodation and meals paid separately.

Please bring warm clothes, food for the journey.

Reservation of the tour in advance

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