About us

Distinguished guests, the southern capital of Kazakhstan! "Kazakhstan Travel Agency" welcomes you to Almaty and it is pleasure to be your guide in the mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, pine forests, rivers and canyons, happy to show you the beauty of the nature of Kazakhstan. Our main goal is to provide you with comfort and safe delivery to remote and beautiful places. For you, we have developed the most interesting tours, travel and services. Only here, you will find the helicopter tours, mountain biking, Almaty shopping, hunting and fishing, ATV tours and much more. The entire auto transport, are specially trained SUVs and minivans, helicopters and airplanes, paragliding and ATVs, kept clean and in excellent repair. We work individually with each client and always take into account your wishes for the tours. Especially for you we have developed an online order by which you can book a tour, airport, transfers, translators, and more, online.



Toyota Prado VX Limited `98 (6 seats)
Ssang Yong Istana (12 seats)
Yamaha Grizly (1-2 places)


Mi-8 (15 seats)
EuroCopter (4 seats)


Yak-18 (2-3 places)
AN-2 (9 seats)
Tsesna (2-3 places)