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Mark Hardcastle, 11 june 2015, thursday
Artur,Hope you're well. As promised on our trip up to Big Almaty Lake (and beyond) on 15th June, I'm sending you some photos of the marmots we saw. Looking at Wikipedia, I'd say they were grey marmots. Once again, thanks for a great day ... we all really enjoyed it and I hope we'll see you again sometime. I've already mentioned you to my skiing and riding friends ... as well as passing your contact details on to some other friends who'll be in Almaty soon (one group who'll be visiting next weekend to do some hiking and a family who'll be moving there to work soon). Take care and let me know if you want high res versions of any of the photos.
Ryan, 11 june 2015, thursday
Thank you so much for the tour the other day. I had a great time! Next time that I am in Almaty I will definitely look you up for some more adventure tours. Thanks