Almaty is called majestically '' South '' capital of the republic of Kazakhstan.

When we go to the Medeo direction up on the Dostyk avenue, there is a road turning left hand to Butakovka.

The lowest lake, at 1,818m, stretches for 1 km. The middle Kolsai Lake (2,252 m) the largest and the most beautiful, is 5 km from the first lake.

You will be impressed by the unique beauty of Big Almaty lake.

300 km from the town, located in truly amazing place, national park Altyn Emel. Great plain, surrounded on all sides by mountains.

This beautiful town at the foot of the emerald Tian-Shan Mountains is rightly called a garden city.

Kaindy Lake is set in a forest of conifers 2,000m above sea level.

Charyn Canyon is called “the little brother of the Grand Canyon in the USA.” It’s about 200 km far from Almaty.

Located 70 km to the east from Almaty and it is 1,20 minutes drive.