Turgen gorge

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    Turgen gorge - is one of the outstanding merits in the Ili- Alatau National Park . It is very near the center of Almaty , 70 km , if we move to the east. Way for 5-6 hours by mountain biking, or 1:30 on car.

    That can offer its guests tour the gorge Turgen’? In the gorge offers wellness thermal sources, the opportunity to enjoy trout fishing, waterfalls and unique forest expanses. In the gorge of many different woods and coniferous hardwood trees, alpine and subalpine meadow fields, lakes and springs. All interested in folk medicine a pleasant surprise in the form of various medicinal plants.

    During a tour Turgen Gorge, you have the opportunity to rent horses and ride around the spacious loess lands Turgen gorge. So you can rent a horse is very convenient to get to and watch Turgen waterfalls, of which only seven. Most of them large - the Bear waterfall and waterfall Bozgul. Bozgul its powerful streams washed in a rock tunnel now attracts many who want to see it with their own eyes.

    On the back way, foreseen stop «Trout Farm»

    Turgen waterfalls.

    All three waterfalls and different height , beauty and affordability. In general, in this valley just seven waterfalls, popular but only three of them.

    The Bear  waterfall .

    Drop height of 40 m is the most easily accessible and pleasant waterfall, resting beside him many tourists.

    Waterfall Kayraksky ( Buzgul ).

    Drop height of more than 55 meters from the starting point to the falls about 9 kilometers on a good dirt road in a picturesque forest. The pedestrian path alongside the stops will take approximately 5 hours. But spending power this way, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the waterfall. He has a very powerful and rapid stream , which has done in the rock tunnel.

    Rocky waterfall .

    The most difficult of the waterfall , so this waterfall is recommended to go to people who have enough physical training.

    Saki mounds

    Famous Saki mounds dating from 1 thousand BC

    Kiel spring -Bulak

    Legend has about the rejuvenating properties of water from the mine. Maybe drinking the crystal clear , delicious , cold water from the " fountain of youth" You will not get younger person , but the soul that is exactly .

    Trout farming

    Here you can enjoy a truly " royal fish " - rainbow trout . But first we have to catch it . You can certainly observe how every minute someone pulls out one fish after another, the same or get pleasure from light fishing. For all fish caught will have to pay , because to throw fish back into the reserve can not be catching it only for so-called process .

    Tour Turgen

    One and a half hour journey and you will find yourself in a beautiful gorge Turgen’. On the way to the falls, we make a stop on Ssakh mounds and life-giving a spring Kiel Bulak. Turgen Gorge is famous for its waterfalls amounting to about seven.You can choose the falls, you want to visit. It all depends on your fitness.Bear’s Waterfall in the picturesque place among pendent rocks and green in the first hand attracts with its 30 m height (10 km walk way). In addition, Bozgul Waterfall is well known for its powerful water flow, which breached a whole tunnel in a rock (3 km walk way). You can choose which waterfall you want to visit. See album “Turgen”.
    Duration is 5-6 hours. We also give a break at an "Ostrich Farm", or “Trout farm”. You can also order a picnic, barbecues, guided mountain biking and horseback riding in Turgen gorge in our company in advance to discuss all the details with our staff. See album “Turgen gorge”

    Tour Plateau Assy

    Incredibly beautiful scenery, high plateau Assy. (3000 m above sea level) road leads us through an amazing 12 bridges along the river. Driving up to the highest point of the gorge Turgen', "Botan".The road turns into a mountain where our equipped SUVs, will transport you to the abandoned observatory, offering a very beautiful scenery. See album "Plateau Assy". See album “Plateau Assy”

     Price for private tour ( SUV Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi,Nissan)

    Waterfall 45 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats)
    Issyk Lake 45 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats)
    Issyk Lake + waterfall 65 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats)
    Assy plateau+Turgen gorge 90 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats)
    Mountain biking tour Assy plateau 105 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats)
    Lunch box 3500 KZT
    Lunch on trout farm 6500 KZT (rainbow trout)


    Price for group tours 6500 KZT (available only on weekends,russian guiding)

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