Traveling, trips to Almaty and business meetings with your partners is always tedious. Following their own route from the airport or train station to the place of business of the meeting (hotel), in addition, in an unknown places, you can expect a grueling trip, co-occurrence of stress, which is not easy to survive.Stress and anxiety - feeling quite unknown for a business people, because they are extremely harmful to the negotiations related to the business. Even if you are in town only for the purpose only to rest, then initially you may be disappointed in the prospects of hanging out of the predicament by moving metropolis.That's why, today, is gaining popularity service of the transfer from the airport (train station), which is happy to offer you our company "Kazakhstan Travel Agency".


For reasonable a person who values ??time is not advantageous to spend precious minutes to catch a taxi outside the airport or train station. If you are such, use the service of our company, ordering the transfer from the airport, railway station and rest assured, because we appreciate your time. Service of the company "Kazakhstan Travel Agency" for the meeting and transfer it, first of all, comfortable moving in the big city.


Provided transport:

Toyota Prado VX (6 places) 3000 KZT/hr


Toyota Matrix ( 3-4 places) 3000 KZT/hr


Toyota Hiace (8 places) 3500 KZT/hr


Mercedes sprinter (19 places) 4000 KZT/hr


Ssang Yong Istana (12 places) 3000 KZT/hr