Butakovka waterfall (hiking tour)

Добавлена: 8 march 2020

    When we go to the Medeo direction, up on the Dostyk Avenue, there is a road, turning left hand to Butakovka. A waterfall is actually very close to the city centre and will make you surprised with great nature view. This must be unique only for Almaty city. This is a trekking path going along a small stream that ends by a waterfall. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by the rose berries, so you can taste them a lot during the summer season.

    This trip can be organized with mounting bikes.

    One of the outstanding attractions of this place is a natural waterfall. Getting to him from the specific place of arrival is not difficult. To do this, you need to pass the path along the stream, at the end of which there is a waterfall. This place is simply created for family and individual relaxation. There has everything: clean air, picturesque views, the opportunity to fully experience all the joys of being in nature.

    The waterfall is considered to be the best place for relaxation in the entire suburbs of Almaty. Indeed, you can’t imagine the best conditions for outdoor recreation. Since Butakovka became an integral part of the Ile - Alatau State Park in 1996, negligent tourists and lovers of harming nature have stopped polluting the environment in these places.

    Foresters recommend to visitors do not move around the territory by car, so you can’t feel all the emotions of exploring the local forest. In addition to the wonderful natural landscapes, tourists will also find other entertaining events. From Butakovka you can easily and quickly get to the Kimasar gorge, and there, through the ring route, you can easily reach the high-mountain skating rink Medeo.

    In addition to the wonderful natural landscapes, tourists will find other interesting routes. From Butakovka you can reach the Kimasar gorge, and there, through the ring route, you can easily get to the Medeo ice rink. You can also proceed to the "Pioneer" pass. Two waterfalls originate from it, the maximum height of one of them reaches 20 m. In summer, this is one of the best places to relax.




    Excursion program: 
    30 minutes of driving from a city, and you get to picturesque gorge Butakovka. Further you can choose: or it will be two hour excursion on horses, or it will be the pedestrian way to waterfall. Anyway it will be unforgettable and very simple excursion, with surprising landscapes.

    8:30 Meeting with guide at the hotel

    9:00 Departure

    10:00 Arrival to bottom start point

    Hiking to waterfall/horse ride to waterfall

    15:00 Arrival back to hotel 

    You can discuss picnics and dinners with our staff in advance. All tours can be provided horse riding tours and bike tours.


    All tours can be organized on mountain bikes or horses.

    Private tour 35 000 KZT 
    Mountain bike tour with trailer 50000 KZT (price for the rent bicycle is no included)

    Horse riding 7500 KZT per hour

    Bike rent 5500 KZT per day

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