Butakovka waterfall (hiking tour)

Добавлена: 15 january 2019

    When we go to the Medeo direction, up on the Dostyk Avenue, there is a road, turning left hand to Butakovka. This is actually very close to the city centre, so makes you surprised to see a great nature, a waterfall is very close to the city centre. This must be unique only for Almaty city. This is a trekking path going along a small stream that ends by a waterfall. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by the rose berries, so you can taste them a lot during the summer season.

    This trip can be organized with mounting bikes.

    Here at your service a cozy small house of the forester, where day of residing cost from 5000 KZT from the person and for a small additional payment, for you prepared a hot Russian sauna. At desire it is possible to lease a horse and slowly riding on vicinities of Butakovka. Or to rise above, to waterfalls where the new base of rest «Shybynsay extreme» is located. There the prices certainly above – from 7500 KZT per person.

    The program of tour:
    30 minutes of driving from a city, and you get to picturesque gorge Butakovka. Further you can choose: or it will be two hour excursion on horses, or it will be the pedestrian way to falls. Anyway it will be unforgettable and very simple excursion, with surprising landscapes. To discuss picnics and dinners, you can with our employees in advance.

     All tours can be organized on mountain bikes or horses.

    Private tour 35000 KZT 
    Mountain bike tour 50000 KZT (price for the rent bicycle is no included)

    Horse riding 1500 KZT per hour

    Bike rent 5500 KZT per day

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