Charyn Canyon

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    Charyn Canyon.

    Charyn Canyonis considered to be the younger brother of the Grand Canyon in United States and also earned him often compared. The natural size of the Canyon: 200 km length and height of 100 and over 300 meters.The best option when choosing a country holiday in Almaty - an excursion to Charyn Canyon. To get to this amazing place is simple: 200 km from Almaty in the East is the river Charyn. It was there and waits for its guests Charyn Canyon.

    Charyn Canyon- extraordinarily beautiful place. Its walls are very often consist of large deposits of clay, which at sunset turns red and shimmering shades of awesome. If to consider long and hard clay base of the canyon, you can "see" the whole ancient city that comes to life on the rays of the setting sun. In the canyon, time and environmental factors have made countless grottos, caves, huge cracks.

    The area around the canyon, looks like unexplored wilderness,  because everywhere growing poplars, tamarisk and reeds. Near the river, wind and water brings to everyone here,  cool air of the mountains. Here in the valley of the river Charyn canyon nearby, exist the famous grove of ash tree, which occupies the territory of more than 200 km. It took a tremendous amount of time, replaced the era, disappeared the old and new plants and animals, and only ash tree grove remained the same, as well as dozens of centuries ago.

    Charyn river itself, which gives the name of the canyon starts from the foothills of the Ile Alatau mountains and flows into the Ili river.

    Charyn Canyon, originates its existence from the time of Paleogene. The geological age, more than 30 million years. Another uniqueness of the canyon lies in its landscape, these types of ground surface around the world just a few. See Album "Charyn Canyon"


    You go down deep into the canyon on the SUV, so all of walking way, you will drive by car, stopping and taking amazing pictures. At the end point you go down to the river Charyn and took a picnic on the beach, among the prehistoric ash tree. You can also order a picnic, barbecues and shashlyk in our company, discuss the menu in advance with our staff. Or you can take everything you need with you.

    Price for group tour 6000 KZT per person (available on weekends)
    Price for private tour 65 000 KZT for car+guide (6 seats) uphill and downhill inside canyon by car as client wishes
    Lunch box 5500 KZT (healthy food "" sandwich with chicken or horse meat and snacks) 
    Lunch in Canyon 7500 KZT per person (for client choose plov,shashlyk,soup,salads,bread,tea)
    Accommodations+breakfast in Charyn Canyon 25 000 KZT per person (bungalows,yourts or hotel accommodation)
    Price for bike tour 80 000 KZT, (6 seats+6 bikes)
    Bike rental 5500 KZT (full service by the way)

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