Kaindy Lake

Добавлена: 18 january 2018

    Kaindy lake - a truly amazing example of the creation of nature. It is among the vast pine forest at an altitude of more than 2000 thousand meters above sea level. It was formed by a huge landslide accumulation of limestone, as well as subsidence. The lake is large enough: in the deepest places of over 30 meters. When - is in its place were trees, now they are in the midst of the lake, giving it an already extraordinary panorama.

    Kaindy " in Kazakh means birch . Unparalleled views of the lake are harmoniously combined with growing in the gorge birches. Especially beautiful scenery from open crest: so you can admire the canyon KaindySaty, consider Chilik river valley. If your intention is to take a tour on the water and natural spaces, a better option than a trip to tour Kaindy difficult to imagine.

    Kaindy lake located near Kungei Alatau that near Kolsay lakes. The lake is located in the midst of the forest, there is practically no road. Surprisingly, however, it is unique in its beauty of the lake is not widely known among outdoor enthusiasts, and just tourists. And yet, year after year to the “flooded” birch lake comes more and more people.

    Over time, the element of water flooded the gorge, thus making, these gates in the middle of the lake. The tops of the trees conifers miraculously rise above the water surface of a wonderful lake. See album “Kaindy”

    For all guests, near lake Kaindy includes a set of guest houses have everything you need for a comfortable stay and residence. The cost of accomodations+3 time meals in the guest houses 15 000 KZT per person, hotel 20 000 kzt per person. Here if you wish you can try dishes from fresh Kazakh sheep or trout.


    In one day you will visit Charyn Canyon,  Kolsay lake and accommodated in guest houses . The next morning the car with tourists sent to incredibly beautiful and exciting way along the mountain road to the lake Kaindy. Upon arrival, you have a lot of free time for a picnic and a walk. After lunch, we depart to Almaty. You can discuss all the questions in advance about nutrition and picnics with our staff. All cars are prepared for mountain driving.

    (Toyota Prado SUV)

    Price for a group tour 24 000 KZT per person (all included)

    The tour includes: accommodation, meals, transportation, excursions, ecological charges.

    Price for a private tour of 120 000 KZT per car (6 seats)

    The tour includes: transportation, excursions, ecological charges. Accommodation and meals paid separately.

    During the private tour accomodations and meals payed separatelly.

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