Tourism in Almaty


 Almaty is called majestically '' South capital'' of the republic of Kazakhstan. Spread out of the foothills of Trans-Ili Ala-Tau , the city attracts tourists with extraordinary beauty of scenery , mild climate, pristine purity of nature and historical heritage.

The diversity of flora and fauna, blossoming orchards, as well as the unique nature reserves brings a huge contribution to the formation and development of tourism in Almaty. No wonder the city is called the pearl Semirechye. Having been in Almaty, you will not just dive into the rich cultural life of the city, but also you will familiarize with important historical monuments and research centers of the Southern capital.

Kazakhstan Travel Agency offer you the varied holiday and will organize an unforgettable city tour and tourism in the mountains.

Lush green parks of the city, historical monuments and cultural centers, art galleries and architectural ensembles - this is not a complete list of attractions that attract thousands of tourists and visitors.

The motto of the travel agencies in Almaty – the quality and excellent service. Every employee - is not only a cohesive unit and experienced team, but also a skilled professional in the field of tourism. You will be pleasantly surprised not only with a quality service, individual approach of company employees, but also a high level of organization of your stay. Perfect combination of price and services will have on you a pleasant experience and a firm desire to cause more than once to visit this city.

Wealth of natural resources, cultural - historical values ​​, extraordinary nature and captivating scenery of the city has been for many years have a beneficial effect on the scale and pace of development of tourism in Almaty. Majestic Tien Shan cherish the history and traditions of the tourism business , and the emerald waters of the rivers and lakes are reflected indelible emotions and vivid impressions from guests of the city during the next visit these extraordinary places.

Kazakhstan Travel Agency will help you make an unforgettable journey through the city and beyond, will open for you the colors night life and offer active holiday in the lap of nature.

Ski resorts in the city will please fans of winter sports and active leisure. You can not only conquer highways, feel the adrenaline and get bright emotions, but also enjoy the purity of the snowy expanses and touch the fresh coniferous forests. A walk on the balloon will open your eyes to the amazing mountain scenery and snow-covered valley.

With Kazakhstan Travel Agency you can book sightseeing tours in Almaty or experience unforgettable emotions from horseback riding and take a fascinating trip to the quad . The unique flora and fauna of these places attract avid fishermen and hunters. Fabulous beauty of rivers and lakes, the majesty of the mountains and plains, picturesque nature and beautiful landscapes will take your breath away and leave an indelible mark in the memory of many tourists and visitors.

Almaty is proud to be the title of the capital of the South, and every year the number of people wanting to visit these amazing places to make excursions in Almaty, touch the roots of the history and culture of the city is growing inexorably.

Historical relics, architectural monuments, the natural wealth of the capital, as well as the high level of service and services provided, make tourism in Almaty attractive for many visitors.