Rides on ATV and Buggies

Karakastek the gorge has its uniqueness and unique appearance. Another jewel of the national parks of Kazakhstan. Creek runs through the gorge Karakastek a seemingly innocuous little river, but when hooked over the mountain peaks storm clouds, the water in the river begins to rise and the flow becomes impassable. This valley is popularly known as "forty-one Karakasteka ford".  You probably already knew what lies ahead. Yes, yes, the subjugation of these fords give this route a high degree of difficulty. Go this route, it is to cross one more step to conquer the unknown.



Category of difficulty: 3
Length: 134 km
Duration: 8 hours
Maximum number people: 6
Buggy Quad Tour maximum number of persons: 9



36000 KZT for a Baggy (2 places)

35000 KZT for a Quadrocycle (2 places)


An obligatory requirement for driving the buggy and quadrocycle: the presence of a driver's license and driving experience of at least six months on the car.

You should have a change of clothes.

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