Hairy mountain

Rides on ATV and Buggies

Beautiful scenery will accompany you throughout the entire road, enticing you into the high plateau Ushkonyr, and pure mountain air filled with aromas of flowers will help you get rid of stress weekdays. At the source of the gorge Shamalgan you will feel the greatness and strength of a mountain river, passing the river at a ford on a powerful five hundredth model buggy. Pure ice water can overwhelm the huge boulders, will make you in awe, and respect the crossing. After you pass the lengthy climbs, but when'll pick the top, you'll get a fascinating view of the shaggy hill. In the final column of this journey will call on the buggy Moralovoe farm where you can taste the meat kaurdak morality. Conquest of the route - is a colorful page in the book of your autobiography.


One-day tour. Highland plateau Ushkonyr - Shamalganskoe Gorge - Mohnataya mountain - Moralovoe economy.


Category of difficulty: 3
Length: 112 km
Duration: 10 hours
Time on the road to the place: 8 hours



14000 KZT for Baggy (2 places)
14000 KZT for a Quadrocycle (2 places)

The cost of 18000 (the cost includes environmental fees not included meals)


This beautifuland unforgettable trip of a category 3 (high degree of complexity) and for its passage you must first pass routes Kaskelen gullies and gain access of instructors.

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