Ak Bulak ski resort

Добавлена: 1 april 2018

Ak Bulak


Winter season

If most people associate winter with cold and boredom, then this is perhaps the most fun and hot time for us!


We invite you:


- To go on skis and snowboards on the routes of different categories of complexity

- to spend with children unforgettable skiing on cylinders on specially equipped slope

- enjoy the crystal clear air and the majestic beauty of the mountain peaks

At your service:

- Comfortable, reliable gondola, cable and rope tows

- Experienced instructors for easy development of skis and snowboards

- Rental of equipment, repair and improvement of ski equipment


Spring Summer Autumn

In these warm seasons nature demonstrates its true beauty, but only here you can have a beautiful time against the backdrop of charming mountain scenery!

We invite you

- take a ride on the scenic mountain bike trails

- to arrange breathtaking races on quad bikes

- Horseback riding

- take a stroll through our vast expanses, picking up mushrooms and berries

- arrange a nice picnic on the bank of a mountain river

Our geographical location also contributes to the organization of a quality holiday: moderate climatic conditions - elevation difference from 2600 m to 1400 m above sea level, the average temperature in summer is from +15 to +25, in winter from - 2 to - 15.

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