Free ride tours

Добавлена: 1 june 2018

We are glad to offer you the organization of ski slopes, for experienced skiers and snowboarders, cycle tours, from the space station. You will be accompanied by professional instructors.


Above the Big Almaty Lake at the observatory, you can stop for the night. We also can organize a star viewing through a telescope, 3 time meals.


In the space station, in the skiing zone (3200 m above sea level), mountaineering lodges are rented out.




The cost of the Free ride tour on skis and snowboards is 10,000 KZT per person. Ski lift to the space station + descent to the lake (6-seat SUV)


Rent special. Of equipment 5500 KZT


3 time meals 10 000 KZT per person.


Accommodation in observatory  7500 KZT per person.


Accommodation in space station 6500 KZTs per person.

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